Snook Farm

Conservancy of Jacob Sheep

The Wool

We take great pride at Snook Farm in producing the highest quality Jacob wool. Our sheep are selected to provide soft colorful fiber and we work hard to keep their fleeces clean. Each fleece is as unique as are the sheep themselves.

Black & white is the most common color pattern in Jacob sheep. Shades may vary from the deepest black into shades of gray as the sheep get older. Most fleeces have distinct patches of black and white but some show a beautiful mottling of colors known as freckling. Our sheep graze most of the year so there is some sun bleaching of the tips of the dark wool—this may make the sheep look brown and white—but that fleece is actually black when you see the shorn side of the wool.

A less common color pattern is known as “lilac”. We have several Liliac Jacobs. Lilac Jacobs have the same spotting pattern as the black and white sheep, but the dark wool is a shade of brown-gray as are the facial and leg markings.

After shearing each fleece is skirted (removing any inferior wool from the edges of the fleece) and weighed. Some fleeces are sold at the Wool Festivals and some are sorted into colors after washing and drying process. Colors are sorted and delevered to the mill for processing into carded sliver (roving) and yarn. Some colors are saved out and homespun with alapac- silver and black.