Snook Farm

Conservancy of Jacob Sheep

Prize winning Locks!! for the Crafts person Dolls, Angels , Santa

Doll and Santa Making

Nothing beats the curl and shine of Cotswold wool!

Cotswold wool locks are greatly prized by doll and Santa makers worldwide. No other wool has the shine and curly lock formation of Cotswold which makes it ideal for all your doll wigging and Santa bearding projects. It also takes dye beautifully.

Our premium wool locks have been thoroughly washed, rinsed, and sorted to include only the those curls with the most character. Offered by the ounce, which is approximately a sandwich baggie-ful, and I always include a little extra to make up for any loss you might incur.

Currently available in White, dyed locks- blues, greens, yellows, purple, pinks. Cotswold curls are a natural product, having been worn by the sheep all year! There will be some variation in curl texture, lock length and coloration, but all will be immaculate and free of grease and any debris.