Snook Farm

Conservancy of Jacob Sheep

Handspinning Roving

All our natural and dyed wool roving is from our sheep flock and is offered directly to you for all your spinning pleasures. Other fibers included in blends are carefully selected for color and texture compatibility with our wool.

Fibre rinse is used in the last rinse to control the static electricity in the fiber as it flies through the machinery. If your roving should feel tacky or sticky, it is only a result of this added fibre rinse. It can easily be washed out by soaking in hot water and detergent either before spinning, or after the fiber is spun into yarn.

All dyeing is done here at the farm by hand. No two dye lots of roving will ever be quite the same, so be sure to purchase enough for your project. When it's gone - it's gone! If I do not have a sufficient quantity left to fill your order I will contact you immediately.

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